n. One who mugs. i.e. revise/study very hard, crams text into head.
(Commonly used in Singapore)
He goes home straight after school to mug school work. He's a real mugger.

He doesn't have a life outside studying. He crams day in day out. What a mugger.
by Halibut Ikram September 22, 2008
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A person who studies all day long, doesn't play any games, a teacher's pet and a straight A's student.
"Hey, Aditya, stop being such a mugger, can ya?"
"Thy muggerness 'tis my blood"
by bobbyturtle69 July 19, 2017
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A mugger is the opposite of a skittle. It is an unattractive guy or girl. It is not the harshest term you could use but is still a generalization for an ugly person.
I would never get with her, she is an absolute mugger.
by Brit Lit October 16, 2009
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1. A robber.

2. Someone with supernatural powers -- i.e. a ninja unicorn tamer.
1. Oh no, that mugger just stole my car keys!

2. Oh my gosh, you know that guy Finn? He's totally a mugger!
by whoareyouandwhatdoyouwant February 9, 2011
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hey man still wanna get some muggers for this weekend?
by CrippLed PwnS March 16, 2007
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n. One who mugs.
That confounded mugger mugged me this past eve!
by Frank McGee January 23, 2004
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The most evolved form of a wigger.
Juvenile deinquent ----> Wigger -----> Teenage Father ---> Mugger
by I am Dog September 5, 2005
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