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A human enabler, assistant, patsy or slave to a psychopath. Just as Milo Renfield is a slave to the pschopath Dracula from the novel.
Makes me wonder who's more evil, that psychopath or her Renfield. She's just doing what's natural for her, but he ought to know better.
by Tiaran MacLosoff December 18, 2009
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person who consumes human blood or allows theirs to be consumed (or both), in the sad delusion that this brings them closer to becoming a vampire; also known as vampire wannabe.
He told his friends he was a vampire - but he was scared of the dark, not the light; just another renfield sucking blood for attention.
by Andrew Heenan September 24, 2007
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A moderate who refuses to have any actual position that is not chaff in the wind. IE A servant to the psychopaths of the right wing by never rewarding actual attempts at compromise by the left.
"They were such Renfields that they refused to acknowledge that the Republicans were more willing to shut down the government than the Democrats."
by IHaterenfields September 28, 2013
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