32 definition by TiTyRon

the terminator with wings
legion(movie) is the same thing as the terminator just that this time its an angle rather then a killer cyborg
by TiTyRon January 08, 2010

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people who give thumbs down to all the definitions on this website
your a douche bag if you give this definition thumbs down
by TiTyRon April 14, 2009

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children from 3rd world country's
they being accessory's by the fact that they are adopted by famous people only to boost thier reputation
famous people like angelina jolie and madonna have a shit load of accessory 's from places like africa and asia
people think that they are doing good by adopting but the fact is the children are only being used for the media. people like them are media whores
by TiTyRon February 04, 2010

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when 2 people show their love for one another by tweeting each other on twitter
john mayer and ke$ha are both sparking a twittermance

'Dear Ke$ha, you have won me over with your tricks and charms,' Mayer tweets.
by TiTyRon March 02, 2010

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can only be achieved when a minor male student has a steamy affair with 1 or more female teachers who are really hot then this affair goes public and into the media and then all over the news.

luckiest boy in america metal being that a minor has had sexual relations with a woman much older then him who must be hot

in my opinion this "metal" can only be achieved when the male student is a minor(being under 18) and in junior high or highschool. college doesnt really count cause there its the adult world
man!, i wish i could have won a luckiest boy in america metal!!
too bad i already graduated highschool and im over 18


read a manga called teacher and student its about a boy who lives with his teacher and they fuck but this would be called luckiest boy in japan metal
by TiTyRon February 12, 2010

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what music fans(usually assholes) say because they dont like to get music for free from programs such aslimewire or bittorrent
these people would rather spend 20 dollars on cd's(this money supports the artist) for the artist to live well and the music fan lives like shit why would a music fan support thier favorite artist when the artist has lots of money, they dont need more you know?
person a)i just downloaded tons of song on limewire!!!this sure bets the hell outof paying for music thank god for limewire

person b)fuck you asshole limewire is ilegal i support the artist by buying thier cds for 20 bucks each im broke but my favorite artist is rich so im happy my money will inspire him to make more songs

person a) yeah for people like me to download for free
by TiTyRon September 15, 2009

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live and die by the bible for salvation and avoid going to hell
by TiTyRon November 10, 2009

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