31 definition by TiTyRon

a show full of wiggers,a bit niggers ,and white trash men who are complete douchebags / tool to their girlfriends.this show on vh1 is basically teaching a whole bunch of assholes on how to become better boyfriends for their partner.this means not treating women like shit(like their gf's) and becoming a better man.i honestly think the girlfriends of the men on this show are fucking stupid bitches because why would anybody put up a asshole boyfriend,have your brother fuck your boyfriend up..at the end of the show only one man wins he wins money,becomes a changed man(well at least thats what we think) and a happier girlfriend.most of the women of the men are also white showing white women are easy and soft
i would like to see all the men of the tool academy have black or latina girlfriends.i wounder if they could dominate them like they do to the white women

one day i would want to find all the men of the tool academy and beat the shit out of them and have sex with their girlfriends in front of them
by TiTyRon September 28, 2009

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a black rapper with the ultimate DSL's
i would rather have jay-z suck my dick rather then beyonce
by TiTyRon November 08, 2009

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The pornograpic version of the hollywood hit remember the titans
remember the tight ones will follow the same plot as remember the titans. except the whole football team fucking the HEAD cheerleader in the locker room before the football game for good luck and for winning.
by TiTyRon November 10, 2009

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A copy made of anything popular,usually made by a rival
that is complete shit compared to the original
Poweraid is Poor man's gatoraid

by TiTyRon June 08, 2009

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the terrorist version of uncle sam.
america's greatest foreign treat
Uncle oSama:
by TiTyRon December 28, 2009

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Michael Myers is a fictional character from the Halloween series of slasher films. He first appears in John Carpenter's Halloween (1978) as a young boy who murders his older sister, then fifteen years later returns home to murder his last living relative,his sister whom he has not seen sence he killed other family members at the time when his little sister(the one he trys to kill now)was a baby
micheal myers is only mad and kills people because he is still a virgen(LMFAO) at possible 50 years old
by TiTyRon August 21, 2009

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another one of snk's attemps to capcom's street fighter

this time by making another copy of street fighter characters.instead of combining ryu and ken masters
they toke ken masters,changed his outfit by puting him ina baseball cap and a gay jacket with a star on it.resulting in terry bogard. the only props i give this game is on they're
sexy character B.Jenet the only female video game character who got my dick really hard
fatal fury is just another king of fighters game that got all of its ideas from street fighter
by TiTyRon July 16, 2009

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