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The name of a random person, it literally sounds like a spell from Harry Potter.
Shalashaska Shinkawa: Who the fuck are any of these people.

Guy: Who the fuck are YOU? I tried to say your name out loud and my furniture started floating
by ThunderTheFurry October 27, 2020
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by ThunderTheFurry December 1, 2020
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pronounced "Khe-nop-pyte"
a fictional word that really should exist
xnopyt, AAAAAA-
by ThunderTheFurry October 5, 2021
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a line from star wars, said by Ki-Adi Mundi, should be edited so it becomes an actual funny meme
Mundi: "your thoughts dwell on your mother"

Anakin: "My thoughts dwell on your mother"

Yoda and Windu: "oooooh"
by ThunderTheFurry September 2, 2021
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