An axolotl is a nearly extinct amphibian/salamander pronounced axe-oh-lot-el. Axolotls are very unique because they have the best regeneration ability’s on the planet! They also never lose there outer gills unlike most salamanders. They are native to Mexico and like cold temperatures.
Person1: Hey I got a new axolotl!
Person2: That’s cool did you know they are the best animals in the world?
by 🐝 vs 🌽 April 24, 2020
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an adorable as hell amphibian salamander, they are pretty rare

their popularity was also boosted after they got added into Minecraft in the 1.17 update
Guy: did you know that an axolotl would cost around 25 dollars?

Guy 2: They are so cute! sadly I am broke...
by ThunderTheFurry November 2, 2020
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1. The cutest sea monster ever
2. Adorable little creatures called walking fish even though they are amphibians
3. The most pure thing on this Earth
4. Little bois that go swim
5. Little sea creatures that can regenerate body parts including parts of their brain
6. To pure for this world (that's why there's only about 100 left)
Person 1: what's your favorite animal?
Person 2: I like axolotls!
Person 1: I've never heard of those! Can you show me a picture of one?
Person 2: sure! *Shows picture of axolotl*
Person 1: that is the cutest thing ever!
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The axolotl (pronounced ACK-suh-LAH-tuhl) salamander has the rare trait of retaining its larval features throughout its adult life. This condition, called neoteny, means it keeps its tadpole-like dorsal fin, which runs almost the length of its body, and its feathery external gills, which protrude from the back of its wide head.
"We saw a rare salamander called the axolotl, which looked kinda like a tiger salamander but albino."
by billie eyelash August 16, 2018
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A type of salamander found in lakes near Mexico City and bred at Indiana University among other places to study their ability to regenerate lost limbs. From the Nahuatl, meaning "water dog."
by Cornholio November 3, 2003
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