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A made up word that Jake Paul came up with so he would have something to rhyme with merch in his awful music video.
And I just dropped some new merch and it's selling like a god church
by TheWordSubmitter June 10, 2017

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A movement rapidly spreading across Canada to spread kindness and help others in their communities.
Canada is wonderful for caremongering.
by TheWordSubmitter March 19, 2020

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When you submit a word for Urban Dictionary and they publish it.
Urban Dictionary published my word. I call that a success.
by TheWordSubmitter April 15, 2017

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What mothers say when their child asks them if they're looking but they're not actually.
Child: "Hey mother are you looking at what I'm doing?"

Mother: "Yeah, I'm looking".
by TheWordSubmitter April 13, 2017

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A person who is addicted to death.
My roommate is a deathaholic.
by TheWordSubmitter April 15, 2017

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A game where you start on a word then look for the words of the definition for the word that you started with. The game ends when you looked up all the words in the dictionary.
Does anyone want to play the dictionary game?
by TheWordSubmitter April 14, 2017

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A meme that is a fad.
All memes now are just femes.
by TheWordSubmitter October 06, 2019

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