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3 definitions by TheShrewKing

A pit stop for the sole purpose of puking.
Drunk Friend 1: "Ugh! Dude, roll down the window. Those hot wings are on their way back up."

Driver: "Don't you dare puke all over my car! I'm pulling over!"

Drunk Friend 2: "Puke Stop!!"
by TheShrewKing December 16, 2009
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A person who frequently eats the Asian dish, hot pot - similarish to fondue.

Wikipedia it.
Guy 1 to friends: Tony just invited us over for hot pot.
Guy 2: Again?! We just ate hot pot with him last night.

Guy 3, drunk: That Tony, he's a hotpoter if I ever saw...
Guys 1 and 2: Dude!
by TheShrewKing February 23, 2017
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When you complain about something for the sole purpose of brining it up in conversation to brag about it.
Man, I'm only getting 10MB/s download speed. Normally I get at least 15.

Quit bragplaining. We all know you're just bitching to show off.
by TheShrewKing August 9, 2010
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