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Last known classical empire in European and Middle Eastern history. Founded by a turkish warchief in the early 14th century, it quickly thrived in Anatolian border of Seljuk Sultanate and Eastern Roman Empire(Or what's left of it).

They thrived almost without a halt for around 2 centuries, mixed the classical nomadic mounted cavalry system with roman infantry influences, and with great prowess at firearms.

Conquered considerable amount of land and continued the relentless turkic expansion upon western soils, and unlike their predecesors like huns, or mongols, they managed to stay at where they held their grasp for at least a considerable amount of time.

At its peak, the Empire held Anatolia, most Southeastern Europe, Eastern Coastlands of the Adriatic Sea, Greece, North Africa, Western territories of Iran, all muslim lands between the Persian Gulf and the Redsea and Crimean Peninsula up north.

The infamous Mehmed the 2nd, known as the Great Conqueror even managed to make a foothold at Otranto, Italy. Capturing the city and starting his campaign to make the Ottomans the one and only successors of Roman Empire.

They started to decline after European nations' swift intellectual, political and scientifical rise around 15th century. They struggled internally, never understood capitalism, never managed to adapt mass production and tried to reliy military based Romelike regime for far too long until the inevitable westernization.
Ottoman Empire is the Third Roman Empire in European history
by TheOneWhoNamedAllThings January 16, 2019
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The most popular sport of the world. And a sort of worshipping for some fans in England. Played on a simple grounds with simple rules. The very nature of the game seems overly simple and one dimensional, but there is no other sport that inspires so much passion and commitment by fans.
Football is a simple game, it's being played for 90 minutes and in the end, germans stand victorious
by TheOneWhoNamedAllThings January 16, 2019
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Standard weapon of a medieval european knight and well trained men-at-arms. Designed to be used on one hand whilst the other one holding a shield. It was much rarer than those Hollywood shows and movies would make people believe.

It was designed to cut and slash through heavy chainmails and plate armours. So it was heavier and stronger than most swords of its time.
Bastard-sword was just a mixture of a two-handed greatsword and a long-sword
by TheOneWhoNamedAllThings January 16, 2019
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One of the three Eastern Slavic Languages with Russian and Belarusian.

Spoken by one of the most physically attractive bunch of people on this very earth.
A ukranian speaking woman is %80 sexy and %20 pretty
by TheOneWhoNamedAllThings January 16, 2019
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