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The blogger's version of podfading. When a blog beings posting more and more sporadically until it is abandoned without explanation.
I'm pretty sure that guy is blogfading. He hasn't posted in over a month. I guess I have to go back to reading Perez Hilton.
by TheK3vin July 22, 2010
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When one masturbates to pornographic material that's extremely perturbing, raunchy, disgusting, or so obscurely erotic that it is hard to consider it "porn".

Perturbation is NOT a synonym to disturbation, which refers to the methodology of masturbation rather than the subject matter.
I was perturbating to A Japanese Woman Fries An Egg And Asks You About Your Day the other day and right after I finished I realized how screwed up it was.

...Then I did it again the next night and came to the same horrible revelation.

Perturbation is so great.
by TheK3vin December 03, 2009
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Hottie In Progress. A girl who will one day be supa-hot.
Did you see that girl at Chuck E. Cheese yesterday in the ball pit? H.I.P., man. H.I.P.
by TheK3vin August 15, 2009
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Another word for 5, derived from LOL. LOL>lol>101>(from binary)5.
A nerdy version of the already nerdy LOL.
555, that dungeon was SO EASY!
by TheK3vin April 05, 2009
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