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A website where people come to secretly look up internet words that they pretend to know around their friends. Also the site you are currently viewing, so, hello.
Guy: Hey dude. Did you see Tyler last night? He was totally starwanking
Other guy: Uh, yeah totally, dude *Looks it up on Urban Dictionary*
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The section below the videos on YouTube where people post comments. Also the most conflicted part of YouTube, as most of the time people are arguing and virtually flipping each other off. They're also triggering each other and teaching the unwary children new words. In a nutshell, it's a random place full of swearing and disregard, only occasionally having a rational comment.
Example of the YouTube Comment Section...
YouTube commentor 1: trump is gay
YouTube commentor 2: no your gay u frikin retard
YouTube commentor 1: your mom is fat and stupid
YouTube commentor 3: get of the internet u frikin kids
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A state in the U.S. where almost everything is legal.
Guy 1: Hey man, wanna see these cool new fireworks I got?
Guy 2: I thought those were illegal, dude
Guy 1: Not in Texas
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