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The act of stealing, using and blatantly denying use of intellectual property of another being who is often times less witty.
Todd: Shit I'm gonna define zuckerberging on urban dictionary.

Stan: Damnit that was my idea asshole.
by TheGlueGunner February 15, 2012

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Greatest season ever, time of year when it is not necessary to shave due to any reason at all
Dan: So Steve you haven't shaved in a while whats up?

Steve: Well Dan its that time of year you know beard season.
by TheGlueGunner September 03, 2008

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An extremely conservative bro who may be considered by some to be racist.
Dale: Well Tyler, Stephen is a proud conservative

Tyler: Yeah he's a regular Rush Limbro
by TheGlueGunner June 21, 2011

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1) An illusion(s) or a figment of the imagination created in order to prevent you from getting laid.

2) A shallow state of mind that could result in not getting laid and or a cock block of ones bro(s). This is state of mind that should be ignored and disregarded at all cost.
Dan: "I don't know if I can fuck her she's pretty ugly"
Steve: "Oh Dan you're not gonna score with standards, so what if she's bigger than a bus."
by TheGlueGunner June 13, 2011

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1) The act of provoking two or more groups of people into biter arguments for ones own personal gain (such as employment) and/or entertainment. Side effects from finebauming may also result in an act(s) of terrorism, ignorance such as updkying.

2) The act of being Paul Finebaum himself.

3) The act of provoking rednecks in Alabama to argue over college football.

4) The act of inciting ignorance between groups of people for personal entertainment.
Bill: Why did you get them rednecks over there started on the Iron Bowl?

Dale: You know I'm bored so I'm Finebauming to pass time
by TheGlueGunner January 02, 2012

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1. A bro that could be considered loud, obnoxious and ignorant. This bro has trouble admitting he is wrong and will try to distort facts. When cornered on an issue he is likely to interrupt and yell at you out of frustration.

2. Host of the Bro'reilly Factor

3. Hardcore Conservative bro
Steve: Dan is a regular Bill Bro'reilly hes always getting upset and yelling when we debate.

Scott: Well that's just how some people are.
by TheGlueGunner June 21, 2011

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