Ebonics/ street level term for heroin.
He's looking to cop some of that heron.
by JerzeeG July 31, 2018
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1) A type of bird that is often seen around water and wetlands, it has the appearance similar to that of a stork.

2) Slang: On the street level drug trade, the term is slang for heroin. More common as an African American English slang term, it is used as just one of the many synonyms for heroin.

Often enough the use of slang when buying drugs is preferred because it lets the dealer know that you are not (or much less likely) an undercover police officer. In other words "You cool", or "you down"
" Yo, dis nigga need a bun (= bundle, denotes 10 glassine bags of heroin) of dat HERON"!
by High stakes of NJ June 12, 2009
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Unlike the other definitions, A heron is a bird in the family Aeridae. They are characterized by huge size, long neck, and a extremely sharp bill. White herons are also called Egrets. Herons are often seen in swamps, rivers, ponds, and lakes, but ironically not near the shore. Herons fly with slow wing beats and necks tucked in. Herons eat mostly fish, but sometimes may consume lizards or sewer rats when in populated areas.
I saw a heron at the park today, It looked cool.
by TheBagelPeople June 21, 2020
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1.) A bird.
2.) A bra brand.
3.) Another name for the drug "Heroine"
Wow! that Heron is wearing Heron AND taking Heron...
by Sabian June 3, 2004
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An amazing, smart and talented girl who can kick some ass. She’s also a great friend.
Omg, Heron? I love her.
by HeyyyyyyyyyyyyGurlllllllllllll February 6, 2019
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Heron is a cheap shop that sells almost out of date foreign versions of brand names on the cheap, freezer stuff and biscuits essentially.
Lets go to Heron to get some cheapo ice lollies.
by Clive Warren March 19, 2009
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Recreational illegal drug considered to be the worst, most addictive and dangerous of all. Can be bought for well below the price of Heroin or Cheese.

Heron is oh sooooo addictive.
by Jane-O-5 November 18, 2007
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