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Mechanical Isolation is just the animal version of Blue Balls. It comes from an animal not being able to smash due to difference in genitalia. (Sidenote: Why are you looking for Biology terms on Urban Dictionary?)
Guy 1: Man, that dolphin's goin' through some Mechanical Isolation.
Guy 2: Sure is. It just needs to get laid.
by The7thComrade January 25, 2019
(n) The hardest fucking thing imaginable. It's combining Rocket Science and Brain Surgery. Be careful while doing it.
Person 1: "Hey, could you help me with striking this Fresnel?"
Person 2: "Dude that looks like Rocket Surgery to me, hard pass."
by The7thComrade May 17, 2019
A big fan of a show/person/band/anything really; based on the song "Stan" by Eminem
Guy 1: Yeah you should stay away from the Stan side of Twitter, it's full of normies.
Guy 2: Yo thanks man.
by The7thComrade January 15, 2019
A term used in Anime/Hentai to describe Sperm. Actual Human Cum
He's... Uh... FLUFFing all over me!
by The7thComrade July 26, 2017
The woman version of a Chad. very rich and very snooty
Person 1: Damn, look at that woman over there!
Person 2: Don't bother dude, it's a Stacy.
by The7thComrade November 6, 2018