A phrase to ecstatically say no!
Would you like to experiment fisting with me? It could be an exotic first for the both of us and solidify our monogamy. Her reply was swift, “hard pass!”
by Willis 1452 March 30, 2019
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A Hard Pass is a consensual conjugal visit at a correctional facility between non-married or non-committed consenting adults who previously have little or no contact with each other. The hard pass is initiated by the non-incarerated party, typically drawn in by a picture of the jailed person.
When Brad saw the new story that Christina had been arrested trying to shoplift a bottle of whiskey, he went up to the jail and made a HARD PASS. A good time was had by all. It is different from being SHAWSHANKED because - one party is not in jail, and both parties are consenting adults.
by Mile High Smitty March 09, 2015
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If youre doing Anal and decide they are not your type. So you push a hard pass out in Order to put then off by pushing a huge turd on their dick.
Todd was smashing her back doors in when she decided he wasn't that good at anal so she made a hard pass right on him. He hated it an ran away with a shitty soft on.
by LOSTLAND June 07, 2018
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When you're doing anal and the receiver decides to shit on your dick.
Todd didn't like dick in his arse. So he decided to take a hard pass by shitting on his lovers dick.
by LOSTLAND June 04, 2018
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