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Vagina. The front crack. Some fuckin' poontang!
Oh yeah, I'm a big fan of the v'jay!
by The1andonly November 16, 2007

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Pro Audio recording software for Mac. Used by douche bags and pretentious assholes who enjoy the smell of their own farts. DP users think they are better than you simply because they use DP instead of Pro Tools, Logic, etc.
What? You use Pro Tools? Digital Performer is the best software out there, I can't believe you're not using it. By the way, have I told you how good my farts smell?

What do you get when you mix vinegar and water in a bag? A Digital Performer user!
by The1andonly October 24, 2007

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The term grundle luber doesn't necessarily have to refer to a person who actually lubricates the grundle; it can be used to refer to someone who is an all around d-bag. Also a good drug smuggling alias.
Tommy loves a greasy grundle cause he's a grundle luber.

Quit being a grundle luber and chip in.

Yeah man, send the pills addressed to Grundle Luber.
by The1andonly November 16, 2007

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Mediocre recording software by Cakewalk for Windows based computers. Known for having a graphical user interface so unsightly, you get diarrhea if you look at it. Sonar users are like digital performer users, but for PC's.
Fuck Sonar! The other day, I was at a guy's house who uses Sonar, I took one look at the screen and started pissing out my ass! You think that's bad? You should have heard his music!
by The1andonly November 16, 2007

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This is how beat makers who think they're producers refer to Propellerhead's Reason Software. The majority of these people would know the proper name If they had actually purchased the software instead of pirating their buddy's pirated copy.
Yo I use da Reasonz software for makin dope beats, and i'z gotz da frootie loopz for tha tight onez. Yih!
by The1andonly November 16, 2007

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A fart that sneaks out the front. This phenomenon usually occurs while seated. The fart gets trapped in the butt cheeks and slowly makes it way out the front instead of the back. A slight tickling sensation may be felt as the air bubble makes it's journey from anusville through grundle town.
Steve: Damn Gina, Did you just queef? It smells a used diaper filled with Indian food!
Gina: No, that was a butt queef! I tried to sneak a fart out and it came out the front. I guess that curry slurpee was a bad idea!
by The1andonly November 16, 2007

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One of the most abused and misused terms in the music industry. Every wanna be douche bag who buys an MPC or gets (and by gets I mean pirates) a copy of Propellerheads Reason Software (which is often ignorantly called Reasonz) to make beats thinks that they are a producer. Most of these ass hats don't even deserve to call themselves musicians.
Yo I'm gonna git me da MPC so I can be a producer yo!

No, Dr Dre is a producer; Brendan O'Brien is a producer; you are a no talent ass clown.
by The1andonly January 04, 2008

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