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A somewhat old-fashioned term for a desirable woman recognized by her preference for, and skillful handling of, men's company. Originating in the days when men and women weren't really supposed to socialize, this refers to the kind of woman that macho guys actually like bringing along on their adventures. Her style can be anywhere from tomboyish to classy, but the point is, that not only prefers, but understands men, and they respect her for it.
"I called to Naluna to run but she laughed and drew a dagger--she was a man's woman, that girl!" - Robert E. Howard, "The Voice of El-Lil"
by The Urban Husky October 29, 2011

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Idiotic (and not really insulting) slur against people with red hair, employed in Britain, Canada, and other heavily Anglocentric cultures. Often rhymed with equally nonsensical and stupid words like "minger" and "whinger." Not really used in America (where we have the balls to LIKE redheads), except by a handful of people who think that adopting British-style racism makes them sophistcated and cool.
"Gingers have no so-ouls! Nyaah, nya-"


'Maybe not, but we've got knuckles.'
by The Urban Husky November 08, 2011

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Unreasoning prejudice against heterosexuals or their sexuality, the LGBT equivalent of reverse racism, and the inverse of homophobia. Commonly manifested as a disgust with the very idea of straight sexuality and/or reproduction, it copies the prejudices of homophobia, including the idea that straightness is unnatural, or unhealthy, or can somehow be "cured." Frequently paired with prejudice towards the opposite sex, this is surprisingly common in the LGBT community, but is often not addressed, due to concerns political correctness.

At the same time, it has also been used a propaganda slur by homophobes, who level the charge at any gay or lesbian who stands up for their rights. As such, it is a highly contentious term.
Being gay is one thing, but saying that women can't please men?! That's just heterophobia!
by The Urban Husky October 16, 2011

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Semi-humorous, colloquial term for a range of shoulder-carried bags used by men, implying a resemblance to woman's purse or handbag. Typically used in derogatory fashion, casting aspersions on the wearer's sexuality or masculinity.

The expression may refer to either of two types of luggage:

1) The more proper use of the term, referring to any number of large wallets or small shoulder bags, distinguishable from a woman's bag only by subtleties such as rectangular shape or plain decoration. A cultural equivalent to the fanny pack craze of a generation ago, these are likewise gaining in popularity despite their perceived tackiness. (Whether this is due to their relative practicality, European style, or to the influence of metrosexual culture, is open to debate.)

2) Larger, more masculine carry-alls such as the satchel, shoulder bag, or messenger bag, worn as an alternative to the backpack. Less scornfully viewed than those under the first definition, these have been lately popularized by such fictional characters as Jack Bauer, Indiana Jones, or Chewbacca, and are actively displacing hard-sided briefcases in some quarters. Use of the term in this context is less justified, and indicative of both bitterness and extreme homophobia.
1) "Nice man purse: what are ya, gay?"

2) "It's not a man purse, it's a shoulder bag.....asshole."
by The Urban Husky July 04, 2010

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Term used in the cycling community for a really gung-ho athletic rider, the kind with an intense training regimen and a "need for speed." Named for their habit of dropping the hammer, or launching into unnecessary bursts of speed, particularly blowing off weaker riders in recreational group rides. In extreme cases, they've been known to blow off traffic lights and laws just to go fast. Too often matching the stock image of the athletic, lycra-clad scofflaw, they're often blamed for perpetuating a lot of ugly stereotypes about people on bikes.
"I get to the intersection on my bike, and just when I get the light, some hammerhead blows off the intersection right across my bath! He cuts me off, AND all those cars. Then they all start honking at me, even when I signal properly, because they think I'm a jerk, too. I'm just trying to get to work!"
by The Urban Husky October 30, 2011

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Derisive, North American vulgarims with 2 shades of meaning:

A) Archaic (WWII-era) army slang for someone whose brand of shit was too small-minded and lame to be called bullshit or horseshit. This was typically an obnoxious, petty tyrant of an officer, particularly the kind who liked to push people around with made-up rules and regulations. Best exemplified in popular culture by the character of Frank Burns on M.A.S.H.

B) A coward; basically calling them chicken, with a 4-letter word tacked on for emphasis.

(Please note that these two definitions CAN overlap.)
A) "All through your Army careers, you men have bitched about what you call 'chicken shit drilling'." - George S. Patton, 1944

B) "That's a good answer, Wykowski. It's a chickenshit answer, but it's a good one." - Christopher Walken as Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey, "Biloxi Blues," 1988
by The Urban Husky May 01, 2011

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A contagious form of sexual dysfunction, often infecting whole countries, and particularly prevalent in Britain and Canada. Manifests itself in the form of violent hatred and/or catty jealousy towards redheaded people, no matter how beautiful, instead of figuring out what else they might be good for. Generally considered one of the strongest arguments in favor of the American Revolution.

Also called gingerism.
"Yeah, I'm datin' a redhead. You see, while you were down sick with gingerphobia, I found out that she's nice, she's hot, and she's basically too good for you. And I certainly ain't goin' out with YOU on my arm on Saturday night, boy! So don't start with me."
by The Urban Husky November 08, 2011

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