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A person who is heavily intoxicated to the point that his/her eyes deviate away from their head (much like how a hammerhead shark is)
Dude, you were so hammerhead last night!
by HurricaneGordon November 18, 2009
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Term used in the cycling community for a really gung-ho athletic rider, the kind with an intense training regimen and a "need for speed." Named for their habit of dropping the hammer, or launching into unnecessary bursts of speed, particularly blowing off weaker riders in recreational group rides. In extreme cases, they've been known to blow off traffic lights and laws just to go fast. Too often matching the stock image of the athletic, lycra-clad scofflaw, they're often blamed for perpetuating a lot of ugly stereotypes about people on bikes.
"I get to the intersection on my bike, and just when I get the light, some hammerhead blows off the intersection right across my bath! He cuts me off, AND all those cars. Then they all start honking at me, even when I signal properly, because they think I'm a jerk, too. I'm just trying to get to work!"
by The Urban Husky October 30, 2011
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A drinking game for the boys. Involves two pong games going on simultaneously on two tables shaped like a hammerhead. One table is straight and the other table is faced sideways connected to the first table. The game that involves the long table involves cups 4-3-2-1 and is 2v2. The short table is 1v1 and has cups 3-2-1. One team from long game and short game are on same team. First team to eliminate all cups wins.
The boys played hammerhead last night. They were super ducked up.
by Rik April 22, 2017
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A girl lays on a bed legs spread, vigorously double fisting her vagina, while a guy stands at the far corner of the room and he is bending over. He places his hands on his head thus imitating the dorsal fin of a shark. He charges forward toward his pray and plows that pussy into oblivion with his head creating the image of the elusive hammerhead shark.
Wow my vagina hurts. WHY? My boyfriend hammerheaded me several times yesterday.
by B2daALLZ September 01, 2006
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(n.) One who is slow in grasping an idea or concept. One who talks the talk but cannot walk the coroporate walk. An albatross around the neck of any company, quite likely to scare away the customers. Hammerheads are often killed in road accidents.
Elitist sure is a hammerhead.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 09, 2004
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Hammer head is someone who uses heroin and shoots up a lot, or likes to chase the dragon.
person 1: hey wanna buy some smack?
person 2: nah mate i'm not a hammer head
by calais kid November 16, 2009
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