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n. 1. A person who clicks by web pages, especially casually or by chance.
2. Web surfer of sorts.
1. The information in my blog will most certainly add a wrinkle to some fortuitous clicker-by's brain.
2. The enormous boobs on that hot chick abruptly caught the attention of the innocent clicker-by.
3. The hacker created a web page where a careless clicker-by may unknowingly download a virus.
by The Shizphactory February 29, 2008

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n. A stew or soup made from left overs or from the last bits of food in the pantry. The stuff you make when you don't have enough food to create a decent meal so you throw what you do have in to a pot and add water and hope it tastes good and makes meals that satisfy you until you get paid and can afford to buy more food.
Cooper "damn I'm so hungry. Shit, all I have to eat is some frozen corn and some stinky potatoes. I guess I'll have to whip up some make due stew again"

Cooper "Hey baby, how bout comin' over tonight for dinner and a dip in the hot tub"
Betty "What are you cookin'?"
Cooper "I got some make due stew on the stove yo.. Its yummy"
Betty "pft, fuck that shit dude"
by The Shizphactory January 12, 2009

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(beer-tue-a-shun) n. 1. Refers to the current availability of icy cold beers packed in the fridge.

2. The beer situation.
Cooper "Hey yo! hows our beertuation?"
Leah "Lookin' good dude! The fridge is full and we got like six more cases that aren't even on ice yet!"
Cooper "Sweet!"

Cooper "Yo Spank, hows our beertuation?"
Spank "Fuck the beertuation, where's the Jack?"
Cooper "hahahaha, whats your jackuation lookin' like"
Spank "hahaha. Jackuation"
Cooper "Jackuation! hahaha we should totally define that in the urban dictionary!"
Spank "word."
Cooper "Ok. Pour us another shot!"
by The Shizphactory January 12, 2009

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(tel-ee-ting-kuhl) n. The sound a cell phone makes when receiving a call. A cell phone's ringtone.
"Hey man, Did you download that sweet new Green Day teletinkle ?"
"nah, not yet"

I didn't like the teletinkles my phone came with so I downloaded some new ones.

by The Shizphactory February 29, 2008

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(Dick-uh-puh-lee-jik) n. 1. One who suffers from paralysis of the penis.

2. Dude with a broken dick.

3. Usually vulgar: a stupid, incompetent, or detestable person.
Spank "Man dude, if she keeps riding me like this I'm gonna be a dickaplegic!"

Cooper "Hahahahaha"

Spank "This shits not funny dude, seriously, I think she may have broken my dick"

Cooper "Hahahahahaha, You're killin' me"

Leah "God, I hate you!! Fuckin' dickaplegic!!"

Dick "my bad"
by The Shizphactory January 12, 2009

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(hill-bill-ee-rick-uh-dill-ee) n. 1. of, pertaining to, or associated with silly or comical country music. Ridiculous or hilarious country music.
Jane "Hey dude, have you checked out The Cooper Friendly Feel Good Group yet?"

Dick "Yeah, that shit is strait up hillbilly ricadilly yo! I totally love it!"
by The Shizphactory January 13, 2009

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(Laff a meh tie tuss) n. 1. A rare disorder that exudes uncontrollable laughing especially during non-laughable situations. 2. The inability to control ones laughter.
Dick "Dude.. That cop just questioned us for a murder and fucking Cooper is laughing his ass off."

Jane " Yeah his laughametitis is gonna get us sent to jail!"

Dick "That dick."

Betty "Oh Cooper you're so awesome!"

Cooper "Hahahahaha"

Betty "you laugh a lot"

Cooper "Hahaha. Yeah, Hahaha. Its just my Laughametitis. Hahahahaha."
by The Shizphactory November 26, 2008

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