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(beer-tue-a-shun) n. 1. Refers to the current availability of icy cold beers packed in the fridge.

2. The beer situation.
Cooper "Hey yo! hows our beertuation?"
Leah "Lookin' good dude! The fridge is full and we got like six more cases that aren't even on ice yet!"
Cooper "Sweet!"

Cooper "Yo Spank, hows our beertuation?"
Spank "Fuck the beertuation, where's the Jack?"
Cooper "hahahaha, whats your jackuation lookin' like"
Spank "hahaha. Jackuation"
Cooper "Jackuation! hahaha we should totally define that in the urban dictionary!"
Spank "word."
Cooper "Ok. Pour us another shot!"
by The Shizphactory January 12, 2009
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