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A rag-wrapped asshole who thinks he posseses sufficient tallent to be a head of state. In reality they generally possess no tallent at all and barely have the brains to wipe their asses correctly.
The ayatollah Kolmeinei...super Iranian douche bag.
by The Pope April 12, 2004

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A post-civil-war, Southern sympathiser, possibly a conspirator.
There were many copperheads in Congress, trying to bring about a de-facto form of slavery, following the Civil War.
by the pope June 11, 2004

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Really Huge Tits

My Cajungas hurt when I run.
by The Pope August 03, 2004

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A euphamism for masturbation.
Paul was jerkin' his gherkin to a Britney Spears video.
by the pope June 11, 2004

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Old-fashioned term for drinking two different kinds of alchohol in one night. Whiskey and wine, beer and vodka, etc. Usually discouraged, as it causes increases the effect of the alchohol, and causes insane hangovers.
Ugh, I am so hung over I can barely stand! A word from the wize: never mix a grain and a grape!
by the pope June 08, 2004

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Argumentation terminology: a negative response; to tell someone to 'forget it' or that you will not do it; to suggest that instead of acting on another's request, one suggests the requester should go briskly rub the uppermost portion of his maleness, preferably somewhere else.
"Hey, why don't you buy this really expensive software from me?"

"Go shine it."
by the Pope February 24, 2005

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1. Used gigarette or cigar ends, the part of the cigarette or cigar that either contains the filter or becomes too hot to hold, and cannot be smoked.

2. Cigarettes, smoked or unsmoked, usually in the process of being smoked.
1. The plant had since died, and smokers had filled the plant-holder with butts.

2. The students stood outside of the door, making small-talk and killing butts, despite the NO SMOKING sign that glared down from all outside doors.
by the pope June 11, 2004

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