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The coolest girl in the world.
YO I wanna be just like emarie
by the best September 12, 2003

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Captain Planet was a government conspiracy to makes people actually want to recycle. Just goes to show you how affective the government is, I mean just look at the show!
Don't do that to my Captain Planet, it is rather sensitive.
by The Best November 18, 2003

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Mexican who doesnt speak spanish
a bocho pendejo at that
by the best September 19, 2003

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the new fixing guitars
rewiring the internet took longer than we thought
what they changed it again?
by the best October 16, 2003

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Nick Faust the platapus AkA "PP" for short goofy looking mother fucker cant match ever dresses like a Bum. rocks a fucked up mullet. over all a deuche ass cabbage bus riding mother fucker
Nick Faust "wigger" "loser"
by The Best January 03, 2005

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A Tibetan monk...you know what is pathetic, I am the first person out of quite a few who actually got that right….just goes to show you how stupid some people are
The lama fled to India when China invaded Tibet. FREE TIBET!
by The Best November 18, 2003

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pwnt = player ownt <-- CORRECT MEANING

- would know, spent 5 years online gaming ;X
Friend #1: wheres the gnome mage..
Friend #2: i just pwnt him, keke ^^
Friend #1: GJ, heres a scooby snack :D
Friend #3 yells: FOR THE HORDE
by THE BEST February 26, 2005

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