39 definitions by The only pug

When you lick and tickle your or someone’s dick
Did you just lickle dickle me?
by The only pug July 17, 2021
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When you can’t afford an an Amiibo so you make your own out of random stuff you have.
Guy 1: The heck is that thing?!
Guy 2: What do you mean? It’s an Amiibo!
Guy 1: No, that’s a freaking Amiibroke
by The only pug July 16, 2021
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When you are bored so you type the top left letter on your keyboard then top right then middle left and so on
I just typed qpalzmxnskwoeidjcbrufhvtyg on my keyboard because I was bored.
by The only pug July 16, 2021
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