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A person who will do anything to get a part in a movie or a part on a television show! Even if that means using their body for acts of prostitution to trade sex for acting roles. See casting couch or portable casting couch.

Hollywood Slut Syndrome is a Bimbo or Himbo that will use their body to climb the Hollywood Mountain without having to do any of the hard work. Meaning they have very little talent accept on their back with their legs up in the air.

Hollywood Slut Syndrome can be described as a promiscuous pill popping, alcoholic actress that is so bitchy that they will do anything to stay on top of Hollywood! Even if it means plastic surgery, sleeping with Directors, sleeping with cast members, firing cast members, playing up to media or doing anything involving scandal. See Joan Crawford, Elizabeth Hurley, Paris Hilton, Liza Minnelli or Nikki Webster.
Hollywood Slut Syndrome can be found in the pages of The Valley of The Dolls by Jacqueline Susann.

Jennifer North suffered Hollywood Slut Syndrome, full well knowing all she had was her body to fall back on and not her talent.

-On the phone with her mother
Jennifer North: You told me Gramp's been sick, Mother, and I know about the oil burner. Okay, I'll pawn the mink. He'll give me a couple hundred for it. Mother, I know I don't have any talent, and I know I all I have is a body, and I am doing my bust exercise. Goodbye, Mother. I'll wire you the money first thing in the morning. Goodbye.
-Hangs up the phone and starts performing calisthenics-

Helen Lawson and Neely O'Hara were bitter rivals that did everything they could to stay on top and cut each other out of the Hollywood game. Both were suffering from Hollywood Slut Syndrome where it didn't matter how they got there, as long as one of them came out in front! See Anna Nicole Smith Syndrome.

Helen Lawson: They drummed you out of Hollywood, so you come crawling back to Broadway. But Broadway doesn't go for booze and dope. Now get out of my way, I've got a man waiting for me.

Neely O'Hara: Who are ya hiding from, Helen? The notices couldn't have been that bad.

Helen Lawson: The show just needs a little fine tuning.

Neely O'Hara: Don't worry, sweetheart. If the show folds I can always get a part as understudy for my grandmother.

Helen Lawson: Thanks. I already turned down the part you're playing.

Neely O'Hara: Bull! Merrick isn't that crazy.

Helen Lawson: You oughta know, honey, you just came out of the nuthouse.
by The Moody Poet August 26, 2006
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