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Aldin, a minecraft player who screams the n word, any chance he gets, he thinks he is Denmark's first roadman, and that he thinks he is good at fortnite when we all know bigE and void carry him
Aldin: omg I died in minecraft! "stupid n*****"
by Hardcoremineman June 13, 2018
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Aldins are athletic, cute, smart, and the biggest fuckboys you will ever meet. They can seem kind and funny at first glance, but don't fall for their tricks.
Person 1: Bruh that guy over there looks chill.

Person 2: Nah not him. He's an Aldin- aka chud scrub.
by ogballer69 March 08, 2015
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1. To play as wolverine and perform a diving kick and link it into a ground combo to an air launch.
1. You could have done an Aldin!
by Simon Lee March 19, 2005
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