30 definitions by The Little Kid

The name for the lustful eye usually given by the dirty, old uncle usually directed at the underage daughter or niece.

Also a name for the "I want to have sex with you because you look underage" look.

The dirty version of "pretty eyes".
Little Lady Student: Teacher, teacher!! A strange, looking mexican across the street was giving me the Dirty Al. He gave me the creeps!!
Teacher: Dammit!! I told my husband to stay at home!!
by The Little Kid June 1, 2006
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A sexual position where both parties wear bandannas around their head, talking only in Urban Dictionary slang.
I was pushin rope with wifey, Urban Missionary style.
She then called me a wussy, and stole my rhymes with her finger.
She then yelled, "You've been served!!! You lose!!! Sucka!!!"
Afterwards, she broke up with me, and I met her little sister and practiced the Dirty Al in front of the mirror.
by The Little Kid June 1, 2006
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Diller beat some hoe with his ugly stick and turned her ugly. Now she has chlamyphilis and herpes simplex 20.
by The Little Kid June 2, 2006
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It is the law that, when dining out, either one person will eat everyone's cole slaw, or nobody eats the cole slaw at all.
When Hibby asked his buddy for his cole slaw, everyone pushed their cole slaw to his side of the table by way of the Cole's Law.
by The Little Kid May 29, 2006
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Another name for a giant ass shit.
Johnny just dropped a deuce times twelve.
He said that shit hurt!!
by The Little Kid May 24, 2006
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$2000 a week. Derived from Roman numeral MM.
Burbo: Dude, that new mexican they hired is making Mexican money. And all he does is wash dem dishes.
Bingo: For real!! I wish I had Mexican skills like that. Slave pay sucks. We should become Mexican.
by The Little Kid June 2, 2006
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The act of applying for jobs with the intent of hooking up.
Harold: Dude, I went to a few department stores today, and fine mamis were all over the place. I'm about to go job hunting there tomorrow.
by The Little Kid May 26, 2006
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