It is the law that, when dining out, either one person will eat everyone's cole slaw, or nobody eats the cole slaw at all.
When Hibby asked his buddy for his cole slaw, everyone pushed their cole slaw to his side of the table by way of the Cole's Law.
by The Little Kid May 29, 2006
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No matter how obvious a joke or parody is, at least one person will eventually take it seriously.

Cole's Law is the extreme of Poe's Law, where a parody without clear intent is indistinguishable from actual extremism.

The name is a pun on "coleslaw", making the term itself a meta-example.
"It's not my fault that I took it seriously. Haven't you heard of Poe's Law?"
"Oh yeah, well have you ever heard of Cole's Law?"
"Yes, it's delicious."
by March 29, 2023
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If you can chop it up and mix it with mayo, then you should.
We have a ton of leftover cabbage and carrots, I guess we need to follow Cole's Law.
by conje October 23, 2020
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Akin to Murphy's Law

Cole's Law:

If one is feeling "raw," the set of rules that one is an unwilling adherent to; whereby everyone and everything that could irritate the living tits out of one turns up in the course of one's day.

Insult to Injury in a wholemeal pun.
A. Oh Christ! On a day like today I have to deal with my taxes?

B. Cole's Law, mate.
by jimbles August 8, 2009
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d= deliciousness of food you will willingly eat.
h= your personal hunger level
T= your personal food tolerance level (a person with half -1/2- the tolerance level of a 'normal' person wouldn't eat beats, while some one with twice -2- the tolerance level would eat beats if he/she was hungry)
dude i just ate a huge steak and my hunger level is like -6.

does that mean you wont have some of this awesome cheese cake?

let me check cole's law... sweet dude the deliciousness level of that cheese cake is just enough for me to eat it, even though I'm stuffed. gimmie some o' dat!
by selective eater98 March 7, 2009
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