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Doing something disgusting and humiliating when dared to by your friends, only to receive a relatively small amount of money in return.
He's just done a Dirty Al, how much did he get paid?
by I hate Sheffield July 22, 2009
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A nickname given to and old dirty surfer in Daytona. Usually can be found playing bar games or pissing in anything he can get his hands on.
I cant believe Dirty Al pissed in a pitcher at the bar.
by Snookangler June 24, 2019
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The name for the lustful eye usually given by the dirty, old uncle usually directed at the underage daughter or niece.

Also a name for the "I want to have sex with you because you look underage" look.

The dirty version of "pretty eyes".
Little Lady Student: Teacher, teacher!! A strange, looking mexican across the street was giving me the Dirty Al. He gave me the creeps!!
Teacher: Dammit!! I told my husband to stay at home!!
by the Little Kid May 31, 2006
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After drinking a thirty pack of Busch throwing up, shitting, and pissing on a person's chest. Then, mixing the discharge together with your dick and using it for anal lube, then blowing the load into the recievers hair so their hair appears to be silvery.
Alan: hey homeboy I got a fuckin thirty of busch
Fred: hell yeah man let's get on that shit
Al: man I got my own thirty who wants a dirty al?

Alan: you know I'm in
by pimpdazzle July 14, 2009
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