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Clinch fighting, possibly the most important aspect in the martial art of Muay Thai (also known as Thai Boxing). The attacker clinches his hands around his opponents' neck, and delivers punches (usually uppercuts), elbows, and knees to the face of the opponent while pulling his neck down. This is a very useful street fighting technique and is often seen in Muay Thai fights in Thailand and mixed martial arts competitions such as Pride Fighting Championship in Japan and Ultimate Fighting Championship in the USA.
"Holy jebus, Jon just dirty boxed the shit out of my girlfriend!"

"My friend knew Karate/Taekwondo/Kung Fu, but a Muay Thai fighter whooped his ass with dirty boxing."
by The Jonstrosity June 12, 2006

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Lit marijuana. Used often in describing the act of smoking marijuana.
Spark up the cavelight and throw on some music.
by The Jonstrosity December 30, 2006

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A derogatory term for throwing out a beer that is dirty, has "floatsies", is warm, or is generally just undesirable when playing beer pong.
"Don't dave the beer, you vagina!"

"The worst way to waste beer is to dave it."
by The Jonstrosity July 03, 2008

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To smell of gayness.
"You actually thought Chris would beat down Anderson? Bro, you're gaysmell."
by The Jonstrosity July 02, 2006

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Slang word for the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Also can refer to no-gi submission grappling.
"Joe and Eddie wrestle jits together"

"He used some nasty jits right there"
by The Jonstrosity September 04, 2006

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Overapplication of cologne, often to cover up the smell of liquor that persists while intoxicated. Usually upwards of 8 sprays.
"The room always reeks of cologne after McCoy takes his Irish shower"
by The Jonstrosity July 02, 2006

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