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The best-known video game track that anyone can hum out of memory instantly.
Da-da-da-da-da-da ---dum-dum-dum -da-daa-daaaa -dum-da-da-da -da-da -da-daa-daaaaa

It's tough to write the Mario Bros. Theme to exact, but you get the point already seeing as you probably know of the tune.
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The super icon of Nintendo that takes shrooms to grow big while jumping around on bad guys, usually in very high strides. He also breaks blocks with his head, presumably he knows karate. No womder he kicks bowser's ass so much.

A saint who takes shrooms and hallucinates the weirdiest things while still being kid-friendly.
Bowser: Mha ha ha, I have captured the princess (again) and the stars.
*Super Mario walks in*
Bowser: Sh**
*Gets his ass kicked...again*
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Best fruit-eating, baby-carrying, shoe-wearing dinosaur ever. Comes in a variety of colors including the standard green, blue, red, yellow, and coming soon, hot pink and electric blue.
aaaaaawwwwwwwww, I want a electric blue Yoshi.
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Fantastic game that has taken a lot of my hours away. It's very easy and simple to play, but provides a strong challenge for the hardcore gamer.

A black hole used to dispose of time and sanity.
Tetris is really awesome.
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Well-known video game character that has taken shrooms while retaining several occupations including doctor, plumber, carpenter, and referee amongst others. The side effects of shrooms are evident in most every Mario title; such hallucinations include stars with eyes, talking mushrooms that wear vests, dinos that love fruit and wear shoes, turtles with horns and spikes breathing fire, turtles and brown mushroom things w/ or w/o wings, everyday things such as hills with eyes, clouds with eyes who carry shelled creatures who themselves carry fishing poles, monkeys that haven't thrown poo (that I know of) and wear stylish ties and hats, and a whole lot of other shit. In his spare time, Mario plays a variety of sports including tennis and golf, throws parties, and fights other mascots with melee smashes. His usual task is to save the princess, which involves a lot of jumping.

Also, he is a possible candidate for president of the U.S. at anytime. He's an ideal choice because he can kick ass in his plumber's fashion, while shooting fireballs out his fists and breaking blocks with his head.
The fact that he has taken a lot of shrooms while retaining the right to be a doctor is very creepy. He has taken a lot of shrooms and has kept a lot of jobs and performs leisure activities, that's fucking awesome.

Mario for president in 2008.
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Some fucktard who plays Halo, who presumably bought an Xbox just for the game, and appearently isn't good with financial decisions.
Some Halo Hick: I don buy me an Xbox, now I have nutin to eat but it itself.
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