16 definitions by ThE LaTe JC

1.Rare insects found only in Lacon, Illinois in '97.
2. Discription given by socially ackward gangley guys to describe an unknown insect that is pestering him, while smoking a cigarette.
3. Something Jake Bo will always chuckle at.
by ThE LaTe JC March 24, 2005
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1.A combination of dick tricks and being polite to your son's high school friends.
2. A manuever associated with a dumbass who went into his Tombo's bedroom in mid "97, put on his sports team jacket and proceeded to do dick tricks and mimic the catch phrases of one Tombo.
3. The act of saying "Come on in, take your shoes off," while still performing the brain in secret.
Hi guys wanna see the Tombo Combo? OK take your shoes off!
by ThE LaTe JC March 24, 2005
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The year anyone with a flux capacitor would want to visit.
A good year fo B -Vice to smoke that sticky icky green Shiiiiiiit and say Fuckin Fuck alot. A bad year for innocent collars of misfits t shirts. A great year for red jeeps and rebel flags. A good year for cough syrup, Carl's Junior, Swan Lake, Denny's, Oogies, parties in Jake Bo's basement, and Jubilee.
The year of the original penis bottle rocket, the full effect of the blue blazer and many other timeless pieces of forgotten awesomeness.
JC: "Dude what do you think is better? Now or '97"

Dan: "'97 dude, cuz I like to smash pumpkins behind willow K."
by ThE LaTe JC March 24, 2005
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A former punk rocker turned alcoholic piece of shit Solid Gold Steve has many claims to fame. He pioneered the act of shooting bottle rockets from his cock as well as his anus. He has cut himself and even almost killed himself with substance abuse. Steve has been severly beaten and vebally abused by the best of them. Solid Gold has fucked his share of dirty chicks and has even defeated a bout with the Clap. In 2004 Solid Gold was stuck in a Neck brace for months after having some wierd disease infect his pathetic back.
Steve is definitely legend in his own time. In '97, Steve was bangin' all the chicks and doing all the drugs, but now you can find the washed up punk rocker at any local dive singing along to any given David Alan Coe song.
Solid Gold Steve is truely a living legend, but did B -Vice really beat him up next to the half-pipe in '97?
by ThE LaTe JC March 24, 2005
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1. A wannabe computer nerd who has alot of time on his hands. He has coined a few useless terms including; Chillicothe, Maddog Tannen, 8-bit, and the one and only B -Vice.
2. A socially awkward, gangly dude who will kick ya ass!!!............ at Mariokart.
3. One who tries to be funny but is not.
Man the late JC is fucking annoying, and why does he always mispelll stuff in his dictionary entries.
by ThE LaTe JC April 13, 2005
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A parking spot in the eastern most area of Willow K where a bunch of geeks met up in and around the year of '97 to decide what they were going to do. They usually just drove around, went to a restaraunt or hung out at Swan Lake.
Jason: "Hey Dude, what do you wanna do tonight?"

JC: "let's just meet up at Da Spot or something."
by ThE LaTe JC April 13, 2005
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Inventor of the Tombo Combo. Tombo is a very nice fellow as long as you take your shoes off before entering his house.
It is not recommended to burn his linolium unless you enjoy being banned from elegant palaces.
Tombo is a true success story rising from rags to riches by starting his own business.
This man is capable of doing a full 360 degree flip from his diving board into his own extravagant pool.
A man with such skill and brutal good looks, its not hard to understand why this man is so likeable.
"Dude, I can't believe Tombo banned you from his house."
by ThE LaTe JC March 24, 2005
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