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One person (the swan) is beaten and tied up then thrown to the ground. A group of men circle around the person and jerk off on them. After that, hot tar and feathers are poured onto the swan and the men jerk off on the swan again.
Poor Emily, she endured swan lake last night.
by Fuckemily69 August 23, 2018
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Swan Lake is a long and very elaborate ballet composed by Pyotyr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The ballet contains beautiful scenery, elaborate costumes and dances all set to a fairy tell involving princes, castles, sorcerers, and swans. Swan Lake is one of the three great ballets (The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Swan Lake)
Swan Lake is an excellent ballet.
by Exhac May 11, 2006
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The act of trying to con a referee into awarding a penalty or free kick, witnessed by hundreds of thousands at Premier League grounds on a weekly basis. Particularly used when the incident is performed in an over-dramatised fashion
"Did you see that Drogba giving it a swan lake again at Stamford Bridge? The defender hardly touched him."
by ad_c4 December 14, 2009
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a lake made completely of the dead corpse of swans
person one: aw man i just drove into swan lake

person two: aww if those swans weren't dead enough
by naikenblabla July 06, 2010
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