oi m8 whats that hole?

oi dats a penishole m8
by gimme da possi pliss September 3, 2016
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A cockpit ala. the cockpit of an aircraft.

Penis = cock
hole = pit
Hey, let's go to the penishole and see if the captain put a whoopie cushion in the copilot's seat.
by Telephony2 July 27, 2023
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A simple easy recipe for the penis oven 3000 the nice juicy nice nigger penishole!!
The taste of the sweet cum drizzling down your mouth filling the cum form the insides of the nigger penishole into you causing you to have q sweet reaction saying d
"daddy put it in further uhoh
"hey John wanna make a juicy nice nigger penishole?
"sure I love to the nigger cock will taste delightful
by penisChomper665 August 5, 2023
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