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Most often a white man with a very large penis ranging from 6.5 - 8.5 inches. While the individual may or may not realize it he is such a stud that women and a few men find him to be irresistible and would do thing for and with him they normally wouldn't do. While a Thomas may be a nice guy on the outside they are a freakin' stud in bed and drive women wild.
When I walked in on Thomas in the bathroom I never knew a white boy could be so huge!
by Teetown March 15, 2009

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Future Cooking and Cleaning Ladies of America - Career and Technical Youth organization dedicated to promoting strong image in today's youth.
Mrs. Smith, I want to learn to be a homemaker, may I join the FCCLA?
by Teetown February 14, 2009

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A condition experienced by people who through their own fault rebuke and make fun of the National FFA Organization due to their raging jealousy. Often a jealousy based on the lack of career opportunities and friendships that they lacked because of either their refusal to join or their inability to participate. Also this condition may be onset through misunderstandings of today's modern agricultural industry.
#1. Oh, No one wants to be a part of FFA!
#2. Why you so Anti-FFA?
#1. Because I was too stupid to join it and now I have hurt my potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agriculture. I could have been a big deal but now i can't even look a a rather large wheel of cheese without knowing how stupid I was for not joining.
#2. You got some serious issues....Here's a tissue.
#1. What the F***, it is made of cotton - another agricultural product!
#2. Looks like you should have enrolled in an agriculture class and gotten involved with the FFA.
by Teetown March 01, 2009

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Future Homemakers of America: No longer the FHA they now are FCCLA and are a Career and Technical Youth Organization dedicated to Family and Consumer Sciences.
1: Are you a FHA member?
2: No, I'm a Future Cooking and Cleaning Lady of America!
1: Oh, my bad.
by Teetown March 14, 2009

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