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1. A cheap knock-off pseudo-beer for rednecks and tasteless frat douches. Tastes like carbonated piss and guarantees a nasty hangover.

2. What you bring to the party for drinks when Four Locos are considered too "sophisticated."

3. Hillbilly fuel.
1. Brian complimented his look of four layered shirts with popped collars and fake orange spray-tan by holding onto a shimmering can of Natty Daddy.

2. Mason downed five Natty Daddy's before passing out in a puddle of his own vomit at the party last night.

3. "Billy-Bob! Hold my Natty Daddy while I try to see if I can jump my 4-wheeler over the bonfire!"
by TeddyStix October 02, 2014
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What rich assholes say to make it all the more clear that they're rich assholes.
Trust Fund Baby: "Father, I don't like the view from my hotel window... I can see a women's shelter and I refuse to acknowledge the existence of anyone less fortunate than we are."

Father: "Mmmm-yes. I shall buy the property tomorrow and have it closed forever so you don't have to think about its existence for the week we'll be staying here."

Trust Fund Baby: "Can we do that?"

Father: "Of course! Money is no object for us!"

Trust Fund Baby: "Thank you, father!"
by TeddyStix June 23, 2015
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An acronym for "Internet Movie Database." A website with the intention of being a go-to for film enthusiasts who wish to research films, actors, directors, etc. And also have the opportunity to discuss those films and people on one of many thousand message boards available on the site.

However, even the best intentions could not save IMDb from the internet. It is now basically a breeding ground for trolls, pricks and lifeless douchebags who spend all day, every day fighting, bitching and annoying eachother on the message boards. It's pretty much impossible to have a decent, civilized conversation on IMDb anymore thanks to the fucktards who encompass 90% of its audience.

Other current problems with the site include:
-Films being massively downvoted by trolls and haters, meaning that most of the user-average scores on the site cannot be trusted anymore.
-An on-going witch hunt for so-called "studio plants." (people who have allegedly been paid by studios to give positive reviews to films) The problem is that because 90% of IMDb's audience is made of haters, if you even try to admit that you like a film, there's about a 50% chance you will be labeled a "studio plant." (Even if you obviously are not)
-People spending all-day, every-day asking if every male actor is gay or not on the message boards.
-Similarly, sad, lonely men pining away on just about every message board for every actress about how much they love them and want to bang them.
Joseph knew that IMDb would be able to answer his question about that one movie with Nathan Fillion a few years ago, but he didn't want to go to IMDb, because he knew the second he went on the message boards, he would get so angry he'd vomit.
by TeddyStix April 16, 2014
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1. Most commonly a reference to "rest and relaxation", a rather self-explanatory concept.

2. Also a reference to "Rum and Ritalin." The simultaneous consumption of both alcohol (generally rum) and small amounts of Ritalin (or other similar medications). The desired effect is generally to attain the condition of feeling physically drunk due to the alcohol, yet still maintaining a somewhat focused, sober mindset thanks to the Ritalin counter-acting the alcohol. A somewhat cheaper alternative to using mind-altering drugs, as it lowers inhibitions while also allowing a certain degree of "control" to the consuming parties. (Though it can be potentially quite dangerous) The term was slightly popularized after being used on the television show "30 Rock" in a passing reference.

3. A reference to "Redbull and Ritalin." Consuming both Redbull (or other similar energy drinks) and Ritalin (or other similar medications) in order to keep oneself awake and focused. Popular among over-worked college students who need to cram for tests by pulling all-night study sessions.
1. Brie needed some r&r after having to pull a 70-hour work-week at the hospital.

2. Toby decided to have some r&r because he wanted to get f**ked-up without losing total control of his mind.

3. Steve needed some r&r so he could get ready for the big Biology test tomorrow.
by TeddyStix October 02, 2014
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An incredibly annoying persona adopted by some hardcore stones, the Reefer Preacher is a person who spends an obsessive (even disturbing) amount of time vocalizing their support of marijuana and its benefits, whether or not it is called for in a given situation.

The Reefer Preacher is the sort-of person whose life is literally consumed with a misguided, self-aggrandizing efforts to force their idealized view of cannabis down everyone's throats- hence, they become "preachers" that spout long-winded "sermons" about marijuana at any opportunity.

It's essentially a ploy for them to make themselves feel more “important.” Despite growing support for marijuana legalization, they pretend that marijuana is still a social taboo that is increasingly oppressed, and use that as a platform to annoy the fuck out of everyone unfortunate enough to be nearby with long-winded speaches about how “marijuana is the greatest miracle of nature.”
Reefer Preacher: "Do you smoke?"

Passerby: "Oh... sometimes. I like to at parties every so often, but I don't do it all the time, because sometimes it just doesn't sit well with my body. But on occasion, sure, I like to have a puff or two."

Reefer Preacher: "Don't be ignorant! Marijuana can never, ever not sit well with your system! That's just the secret Illuminati conformist agenda having a placebo effect on your body with all of the anti-marijuana propaganda that they unleash onto air and radio-waves! Don't you know all of the benefits of cannabis?! It can be used for so much... It can cure cancer! It can end droughts! It can stop wars!"

(This goes on for roughly the next 20 minutes)
by TeddyStix February 02, 2015
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1. A term most frequently used to describe someone's natural state without the consumption or influence of alcohol. (It can also more broadly be used to describe someone who is not under the influence of drugs, although this is a less-common use of the word.)

2. A metaphorical descriptive term than can be used to describe someone attaining a serious or sensible mental state, often after having a more carefree or unstable attitude. (Almost as if becoming sober after being drunk.) Generally described as being "sobering."

3. A slang term sometimes used to describe someone who is exceedingly boring or nit-picky. Or someone goes out of their way to display a lack of joy or an absence of fun.
1. Noel remained sober at the nightclub while her friends drank and partied, as she was the designated driver for the night.

2. His mother getting into a serious car-accident was a sobering experience for Ben, as he himself had been an unsafe driver up until that point, and he realized he needed to be more careful on the road.

3. Chris's overly sober attitude was becoming an issue at his workplace, especially after he tried to convince his supervisor to cancel a planned retirement party for a long-time co-worker because he thought it was a "waste of two hours we could otherwise be working."
by TeddyStix October 02, 2014
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Going to see a movie, and having to sit through so many commercials and trailers, you're either too tired-out or have lost all patience and don't feel like watching the goddamn movie anymore.
Phil: "How was the movie?"

Andrew: "I dunno... left before it began and got a refund because I got major trailer fatigue after sitting through 30 minutes of previews and the film still hadn't started yet."
by TeddyStix July 08, 2015
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