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noun(p)-plural form of computer mouse. uses new grammer rules for a new word.
My mouse broke. Do you have any extra mouses I could borrow?
by Tash October 03, 2003
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A term used way back when by your Grandads barber refering to condoms.
Something for the weekend sir?
by tash April 24, 2003
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originated as a subtle means to express feelings of awkwardness / frustration / hopelessness / annoyance / other miscellaneous bad feelings.

First recorded usage: Ilford, Essex.

Generally accepted pronunciation: mur
"Mrgh... I can't find my keys'

"Jodie was very mrgh the other day" - she was acting funny / in a bad mood
by tash April 30, 2003
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crusty punk, that does not take shower, often lives under bridges, walks the streets while piercing various body parts because they "like the attention".
My ex-boyfriend.
"Why can't I get a job?!?!"
Maybe it's because you smell like onions.
by Tash October 28, 2004
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Usually Welsh or from New Zealand. Although can be found in rural areas throughout the world.
by tash April 24, 2003
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Another name for Charleston S.C.
I live in Charlietown an ya kno dat
by tash January 14, 2004
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coolest guy on the planet who pwns tash all day with a penis the size of elephants
> tash
by tash August 26, 2003
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