Finnish band combining the styles of humppa, a Finnish form of polka, with metal. Songs are sung in Swedish for the reason that it was the original singer's mother tongue, but also because it sounds "damn trollish".
They also have an obsession with trolls.
When Finntroll come on there's gonna be a fucking hoedown!
by TimFS March 6, 2005
One of the greatest metal bands ever.
Nuff said.
by A_Llama March 4, 2004
Amazing metal-ish band...great for beginners who want to introduce themselves to the wonderful world of metal. Such songs as Trollhammaren, VargTimmen, and Eliytres are the best ones.
Finntroll has a similar sound to Moonsorrow.
by Marz Velocity September 9, 2006
A two-man polka-metal band made up of two Finnish men, Vreth and Skrymer (real names unknown) with lyrics based on Scandinavian trolls, their first release being Ur Jordens Djup in 2007. Rumours of early demos featuring other members have circulated but no evidence appears to support this. When performing live they have a full backing band, who thus far have refused to be identified or photographed.
Fangirl 1: I love Finntroll so much!
Fangirl 2: Me too, Vreth is so hot!
Fangirl 3: I draw pictures of them having gay sex because I love folk metal.
by Scruvy McTavish February 20, 2012
a comical metal band mixing polka and elements of commercial extreme metal to create a very irritating and gay sound
There about as funny as cancer. Korpiklaani are a band that do this sort of music and do it good and propper, no sillyness
by mr smith March 8, 2005
Kickass metal band combining polka and growling.
One of the best songs ever: Trollhammeren!!!
by Nick Greenleaf December 10, 2004
To be listening to Finnish folk metal band Finntroll, while simultaneously Trolling on an online community such as Facebook.
Damn, that guy is totally Finntrolling! Lets go on the net and start counterfinntrolling!
by teh fintrolls December 17, 2010