63 definition by Tara

definition: A smaller than average penis
I couldn't stop laughing at the siz of his weenis
by tara May 26, 2004

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A song by Gwen Stefani and Eve.
If i was a rich girl!Lalalalalalalala!
by Tara February 10, 2005

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a girl who thinks she can dress, and whenever she gets her hair dont its messed up and there nails are also ugly
project pat song chicken head
by tara March 17, 2005

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The coolest toy from the 80's EVER. Attempted to bring them back in the 2000's. Maybe it will work.

I highly doubt it.
OH MY GOD! I found my My Little Pony collection!
by Tara March 01, 2004

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The best wrestler ever.OMG ! He is so hot,don't call me shallow Adrian,But he is Sexy!God I love him. Though I'm not trying to diss the girl he loves,FUCK OFF STACEY!!!
Randy pleez marry me! I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!
by Tara February 24, 2005

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A moment in time. A short period of time.
In an MMMBop they're, in an MMMBop they're not there
by Tara October 01, 2003

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a person with no faith in any diety who do not need to disprove god because there is no proof in the first place
<christian> well prove that there is no god
<athiest> prove that there is no forty foot tall rabbit sitting on your shoulder
by tara September 06, 2003

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