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A legendary henchman of the 1980's who often made appearences in the highly acclaimed TV series, 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'.
After a mutagenic ooze incident with a rhinocerous in 1983, half man/half animal, RockSteady, found employment under shredder in his brutal reign of terror and crime on the dirty streets of New York.
What he lacked in IQ he made up for in strength and aggression and was rarely seen apart from best pal Bepop(Half Warthog). Underpaid and badly rewarded, together they worked to carry out Shredder and Krangs evil masterplan, often all too easily foiled by the Mutant Ninja Turtles.
In retrospect many look back on the pair as a misunderstood and misguided duo who were manipulated by the much cleverer and meaner Shredder and Krang. Suffice it to say however, the NYPD did not feel the same way.
From 1992 until 1999 RockSteady was incarcerated in Attica Correctional Facility for his involvement in Shredders crimes and in 1997 he was placed on the New York State Local Correctional Suicide Prevention Crisis Service Program for 8 months amid fear he may take his own life.
Since his release he has reunited with Bepop and started afresh creating a new Reggae band who perform in Bars and clubs around the East Coast. Some may go as far to say, he defined the era.
"Is that Rhino or a man?"
"No, thats Rocksteady"
"Oh shit Rocksteady and Bepop have kidnapped April again"
"Yo, rocksteady, look over there." - 'Whack' (Donatello hits rockstead over the head with brick)
"Is Rocksteady dropping those sick reggae beats in Downtown now?"
"Yeh Man, they are sick"
by Tamek Iller September 06, 2005

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The worst kind of noob, they have been playing for quite a while and they still arent picking up any skills.
You may also call someone an ubernoob when they are teamkilling and team flashing and generally being an annoyance even if they are quite skilled.
"Stop team wounding you ubernoob"
"ffs ubernoob, you got me killed again"
by Tamek Iller September 09, 2005

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To strike an object such as a football really hard in a random direction for no other reason than to annoy or give your mates a good laugh.
Tip: Shout it pointlessly at the touchline of football games to players with the ball
"Go on son, go on, Wang It, Fucking Wang it into the goal."
"Jim! Wang that Dog, go on mate, wang it in the face"
Example - In the John Smiths advert where Peter Kay wanged it into someones garden!
by Tamek Iller September 06, 2005

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When you take a shit in a bag then throw the bag at someone
When you are at a music festival and the performance is displeasing.

Mike "Have you still got that shit bag"
Sally "No, I chucked it at Gorillaz"
Mike "Nice, was it a direct hit?"
Sally "Yeh it was a perfect shitbagging, exploded on impact!"
by Tamek Iller July 03, 2010

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Clearing or hoofing the ball upfield and then chasing it down. The epitome of English Football and about as far as you can get from Total Football. When the ball is punted upfield the stadium shouts HOOOOF and then you try and charge the ball down and bundle it over the line.
"I go and watch my son play Gooch football. If anyone gets the ball down and tries something and then loses the ball, the coach says 'do that again and you're off'." - Waddle

"Flair players are increasingly regarded as luxuries. Gooch football is about getting rid of the ball at the back and chasing it - physique rather than technique." - Waddle

by Tamek Iller April 16, 2007

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Ship Foot - when the toenail is busted and bloody or its coming off. Cause by dropping something on it. Came from Cornish sailor language I believe.
Jack "That toe looks mangled"
Clara "Yeh bad case of ship foot, I rolled my car over it yesterday"
by tamek iller July 07, 2012

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