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The worst kind of noob, they have been playing for quite a while and they still arent picking up any skills.
You may also call someone an ubernoob when they are teamkilling and team flashing and generally being an annoyance even if they are quite skilled.
"Stop team wounding you ubernoob"
"ffs ubernoob, you got me killed again"
by Tamek Iller September 09, 2005
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One so lacking in skills, they will always be a nOOb.
1. Some unnamed person that we will call Chris, requests tech support question easily answered by a google search multiple times.

Several knowledgeable people carefully instruct the "uber-nOOb" to go to google, again.

2. Someone, who after playing a game for months, is still getting killed twenty to one, and has no clue what is going on around them.

Several knowledgeable people constructively inform this person, in a special way, of their uber-nOObishness.

3. After many years of internet surfing, this person still sends forwards, spams IM, and doesn't understand what spyware is. This person buys a new computer because it is getting too slow, while thir system tray has 35 icons.
by Viper :: BoroLANParty May 22, 2005
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Comes from online gaming and is dervived from noob. Ubernoob is a higher level of noob and people often call people ubernoobs instead of just a normal noob for a change of pace when they kick people's ass.
*shoots friend in game then goes over and humps body yelling* Ha pwned you ubernoob.
by alex April 21, 2005
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Someone who is even more embarrassingly inept at gaming than just a regular noob; also used in non gaming situations
"Wow you really just missed that shot? You're definitely an ubernoob"
by Jessedude November 06, 2007
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Someone who is better at something then your average noob, but still sucks compared to most people.
He just started today seriously? Damn he's a ubernoob.
by Apathy February 01, 2004
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A skilled noob, someone who communicates with the people around and mimics the skilled people in a game. This particular person is a fast learner and is good at most things.
"Uggh do we want him he seems noob"
"Na dont worry im an uber noob, i'll just copy what you guys do to learn"
"Ah sweet then"
by Goldfish15 June 29, 2005
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