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A perception or interpretation of meaning behind a text that was not intended by the sender.
I was texting my girlfriend and she got really pissed at me because of her textception. Not my fault.
by TJJC June 04, 2015

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Drunkolepsy is a chronic drinking disorder in which a person falls asleep at inappropriate times while drunk, such as face first on a bar, on the dance floor or in the back of your car. Drunkoleptics usually exhibit severe bouts of rage when disturbed during their slumber. Caution should be used when approaching a drunkoleptic while asleep. However, staying out of arms reach is generally sufficient to avoid any harm as they are incapable of more than general grunts and spastic movements while attempting to ward off the concerned onlooker.

When a drunkoleptic falls asleep they generally experience drooling, snoring and other obnoxious stages of sleep.

Awakening a drunkoleptic usually results in a person with slurred speech, impaired vision, (double vision, inability to focus), impaired hearing and confusion of person, place and time and anger issues.

Drunkolepsy is an excessive drinking disorder. While the condition itself is not caused by mental illness or psychological problems, the underlying need to drink so much that one passes out in public on a normal basis, is most likely a sure sign of a psychological problem.

The term drunkolepsy derives from the combination of the English "drunk" meaning, "being in a temporary state in which one's physical and mental faculties are impaired by an excess of alcoholic drink; and the Greek (lepsis), "attack" or "seizure".
Man, we were out last night and Chantel completely passed out on the bar, face first, drool puddle, the works. I think she is suffering from drunkolepsy!
by TJJC February 28, 2011

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When a Twitter hashtag is started to shame someone or some occurrence.
Can you believe what he did? I'm gonna twitshame that douche-bag!
by TJJC February 15, 2015

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