5 definitions by T1Dildo

Where the female has such a harry cooch that it covers majority or all over her holes
Josh can only ever get a girl with a jewmahngee
by T1Dildo August 31, 2023
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Someone who gets the sloppy seconds after the female has been fucked in doggystyle by another man who creampied her
Josh is a loser he keeps backpack fucking
by T1Dildo August 31, 2023
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When you make her release sexual fluids as an act of spite
Josh and his girlfriend are having a tough patch just last night he made her do a Boston Tee Partee
by T1Dildo September 18, 2023
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The act of dark sorcery or a black person making something hood like
by T1Dildo September 7, 2023
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When you are incapable of ejaculating and can only edge
Josh has chronic edging his girlfriend is hateful towards him because of it
by T1Dildo August 31, 2023
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