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Is an institution for "emotionaly challenged" boys between the ages of 7-18 years of age. It is located in Williamsport, Maryland which is about 9 miles west of Hagerstown, Md. They also have their own "on ground school" as well as their own christian radio station-WCRH 90.5 fm. You can learn more about them at their website at cedarridgeministries.org
I use to live at cedar ridge ministries back in the late 70's when I needed help growing up
by T. Wilson May 8, 2009
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any guy who jerks off is a "crank yanker"
looking at a good Hustler magazine can make any guy a crank yanker!
by T. Wilson December 30, 2008
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During the winter weather months and dry road salt powder has accumilated on the shoulder of the interstate. If you are a truck driver, you can guide your trailer off and on the shoulder to get them pesky cars or other tailgaters off of your ass!!
Trucker:(watching through his mirrors & laughing) "I am crop dusting your ass!!--how do ya like that!!"
by T. Wilson February 16, 2008
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an orange (hi-lited) flag on a high rod that the old people put on the bumper of their cars so they can find it easier.
Marge: "I can't find the damn car again!!"

Elmer: " I told you to put your granny flag on!"
by T. Wilson August 2, 2008
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The new slang name for Baltimore, Maryland., which has more violence and murders than any other large american City. It used to be known as, "Charm City", but if you remove the letter C from it, then there you go!!
Wife: "hey Hon, lets take the kids to the inner harbor, in Baltimore, Maryland this weekend!"

Husband: "Hell no!" , "Who in their right mind would want to go to HARM CITY?" , "Don't you watch the news?"

Wife: "But the food there is delicious!"
by T. Wilson November 3, 2006
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panty hose that is worn on top of a black man's head to keep his nappy wool from sticking up too far.
"You take off that nap sack when you are in MY court-room!"
by T. Wilson November 2, 2006
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a hot,gorgeous ass on a good looking woman wearing a thong. A better word than "Apple Bottoms".
"Man, look at all of those peach bottoms on the beach today!--YUMMY!"
by T. Wilson January 20, 2008
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