wannabee OG from Randelstown. Loves to suck cock and listen to Snoop Dogg records in numerous gay bathhouses in and around Baltimore. Charm City Hustlas often have spent time in prison for petty crimes and come out a little frutier than when they went in. Usually wear make-up, cross dress and "catch".
Quick, better run or that little make up faced Charm City Hustla is gonna try and hump your leg again.

Ha! Look at that gay guy trying to act gangsta. Must be another one of those Charm City Hustlas.
by RectalBee August 12, 2008
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A sexual act in which the insertive partner stands and the receptive partner is strapped to a wheel of death. As the receptive partner spins around, his or her mouth comes in contact with the insertive partner's genitalia and oral sex is performed, albeit intermittently.
Didjya hear she gave Poe a Charm City Circulator last night? She was so dizzy from spinning she passed out!
by AddyDemTaps April 1, 2012
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The most lit car club in Baltimore known for bringing out all the best swingers bippers and show cars. They also have the baddest bitches at all they meets
Yo did u see that scatpack chase that mustang out the pit at the charm city bippers meet
by Peeled bananas 42 March 12, 2022
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Now this is a real indoor skatepark! A wide ass mini ramp with tight trannies, extensions, escalators, a flat bank and not one but TWO death bridges. It spines into a four foot square bowl. The long and skinny street area plays into the mini bowl set up smoothly, and the huge take-off roll in the corner will give you more than enough speed to hit up the place
There is a nicely stocked skate shop on the premises. Along with a pool table, Charm City Indoor Skatepark also boasts two of those old 720 skateboard arcade games- you know the ones with the dream layouts and the duck-footed punk with the mohawk. They also have one of those tricky little claw games, but instead of winning a crappy stuffed animal, you can nab a set of wheels!
(Skater:) Dude today im going to charm city skate park to skate the half pipe on my new Enjoi.

by EnjoiLife March 11, 2009
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