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A woman or statue of a woman with large, pointy jumblies.
Upon seeing an old Jane Mansfield movie, I screamed, "Now that's a boobinator".
by t c December 23, 2003

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The nasty white goopy shit that sometimes builds up on beaver lips.
I was going down on my wife last night and I ended up eating a pee pee cheese sandwich.
by t c December 23, 2003

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spelt backwards it makes the alternate spelling to Techno i.e. Tekno.

On Ketamine being the words meaning, this word as most likley come about over the years from squat parties.
look at that fucked up guy, must be onket.
by T C February 05, 2005

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Same as mother fucker, but not saying it.
Mutha feezer! I caught my finger in the door.
by t c December 22, 2003

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I belive this term originated in Cornwall, UK. It shares the same sort of meaning as dogs bollocks. So if something is really cool its sports wear.

Has been known to be used as a code word for cocaine.
1.'I just bought a sportswear mp3 player'

2. You: "Mate have you seen my new phone?"
Your mate: 'Cawww thats sports wear that is'
by T C February 04, 2005

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Slang for fellatio and cunnilingus.
I'm planning on going 69 tonight. I'll be visiting phil and gus.
by t c December 24, 2003

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A fart that is captured in a container or an enclosed area.
I did a freet in an empty jar and mailed it to my freind. He opened the jar and smelled my ass.
by t c December 23, 2003

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