11 definitions by T Dog Jenkins

the name of the new baseball team in Washington.
The Yinkees beat the Yankees 4-2!
by T Dog Jenkins December 15, 2004
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James T. Shatner: Sulu, what's the weather like?
Sulu: Tell Jabba I've got his money.
JTS: jambeetoolay
Sulu: (blasts him, "No Blasters! No Blasters! takes Luke, R2D2, C3PO, and Alec Guiness to "Alderon")
by T Dog Jenkins June 12, 2004
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a delightful sega game concerning bowling with the zany antics of the Animaniacs. It has really good graphics, 10 playable players (including the goodfeathers), and it makes fun of Pinky & tha Brain.
My Brother says we never rented Ten Pin Alley. I think he's lying to himself.
by T Dog Jenkins June 12, 2004
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a member of Stephen Malkmus' back-up band.
Hey look, he's in Malkmus' shitty new band. What a Jick!
by T Dog Jenkins July 26, 2004
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a high-quality teething whiskey
Randy: "Brandeen, Crystal keeps cryin bout them teefs"
Brandeen: "I gots some ten high, we're all set!"
by T Dog Jenkins June 13, 2004
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Princess Leia's home planet

The Jedi Triumverate of Indiana Jones, Jones Juice, and Dr. Benjamin Spock decided to blow the fucking planet for 2 reasons: 1) the fuck of it 2) They were way to Red Bellied Warblers on it.
Grand Moff Tarquin has a big big big big big big big big fucking cock.
by T Dog Jenkins June 13, 2004
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