18 definitions by Superjuliam

A kind of Sugar baby appearing on discord, usually with a “kawaii”/adorable pink style & aesthetic.

Discord kittens specifically are looking for Discord Nitro, a discord membership that allows you different kinds of limited features on Discord, from their “daddy.”
Sarah (@x13minecrafter): I heard that our friend is a discord kitten. They even have emojis we can’t use.

Nora (@hahasonofabirch): I agree.
by Superjuliam April 12, 2022
A man who cheats on his wife
Kanye West is a Bozo.” says a source.
by Superjuliam January 7, 2021
A lady who gets all the guys. The female version of a ladie’s man.
“I’ve never seen any gentlemen’s women portrayed in media ever. I thought I’d see some?” -me

Erica the gentlemen’s woman gets so much dick she’s living the life” -Stacy
by Superjuliam November 22, 2022
The cat from omori. She is found in White Space when playing as Omori.
Omori: Hey mewo.

Mewo: Meow!

“Waiting for something to happen?”
by Superjuliam October 14, 2022
When you want to make a hoe pun so you replace the “go” in “going” with “hoe”

Haha fnuuy pun
What’s hoeing on biatch
by Superjuliam December 21, 2022
A verse in a song written by the musician for their spouse or SO, or is written about their SO.

Despite the name, the SO can actually be any gender.
I made this word up just now because I didn’t know if there was already a word. Plus, it sounds cute & wholesome to call it that. 🥺
Time to write a wife verse about my beautiful man at home with the onyx hair🖤
by Superjuliam December 14, 2022