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Remember that one time when you said “raise your hand if you like dick” and your straight male friend went “yeah Sometimes” by mistake so you make fun of him for it now
Friend 1: That girl is hot
Friend 2: I bet you wouldn’t say that while doing Sometimes

Friend 1: Fuck you
Friend 2: No thanks I don’t do sometimes
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Any sexual position where a man’s dick goes into a woman’s pussy
My wife made me the, Man in the canoe
by Super accurate description November 5, 2019
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1.A tall Hispanic guy with an Afro. He’s a good friend, but if you pull his horn the wrong way, be prepared for a Donnybrook, your gonna need more than your moms queef to survive this tilly.
2.A fight
Person1: I’m not sure I can beat Leniel in this fight
Person2: I heard he locker boxed an ostrich

Person1: before or after he dated John Grisham’s sister
Person2: it’s almost not worth thinking about
by Super accurate description October 9, 2020
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A white girl with curly blonde hair that kinda looks like Oprah
Person 1: I wish I had curly blonde hair
Person 2: girl if you had curly blonde hair you would look like albino Oprah
by Super accurate description October 16, 2018
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An acronym insult standing for “Cunt attracting man”
Person1:hey your ugly
Person2:well… you’re a Cam
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You were walking with your friends the other day and see a balloon with, religious writing on it floating In the stream. you walk up stream a bit and see a hippie with balloons and a sharpie.as your walking past He heard you swear and said “God wouldn’t want you to swear”, so you reply by saying “do you think god what want you polluting his waters with balloons”.
“Look at that guy Writing happy notes on people’s lockers. What a Balloon Hippie ”
by Super accurate description October 9, 2020
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