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describes a person who obviously suntans too much.
"That neighbor lady is tanned dark brown. Why does she think that looks attractive?"

"Yea, dude. She's well-done."
by Sunkisthappy October 14, 2009

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1) noun: an impairment of the ability to pass the blunt to the right person after taking a hit from it.

2) (bluntlexic) adjective: a person who constantly forgets who to pass the blunt to after taking a hit from it.

note: The word can be changed to suit the particular method of consuming marijuana such as "jointlexia" or "bonglexia".

Bob passes blunt to Cindy

Cindy takes hit

Cindy passes blunt back to Bob instead of Joe

Bob: "No, it's Joe's turn."

Joe: "she has bluntlexia."


Cindy passes blunt to Bob ...again

Bob to Cindy: "You're so bluntlexic."
by Sunkisthappy May 10, 2009

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When a company uses the state of the economy to get you to buy their product.
some econopromo's:

"In difficult economic times like these, you should be able to afford to take care of your skin, that's why we have created the new..."

"It's the 'Economy Sucks' sale!!! All vehicles zero down!!! Zero percent financing for..."

"Many people think that it is hard to get credit these days, but we can finance you for no money down and..."
by Sunkisthappy May 22, 2009

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