4 definitions by Summer123

1.someone who is born or is from Germany
2. Most germans have blonde hair (so do I)
im german and im from germany and they are not nazi's!
jeez people that call germans are so racist.
by Summer123 June 22, 2007
a really cute dog which is really small and it is usually really nice
my brother got a chiuaua
by Summer123 June 22, 2007
someone who has alot of friends and isnt always a snob or a cheerleader, most of the time it's someone that is really nice and u dont have to be pretty but the opposite sex might like u if ur pretty,
me and jessica are so popular we have tons of friends
by Summer123 June 22, 2007
a tottaly cool store, its usually expensive and its pretty much the same as hollister but of course hollister has a seagull and abercrombie has a moose.
hey jen lets go shopping at abercrombie at the mall!
by Summer123 June 22, 2007